Yogurt the Ogre: The Big Tale of the Not-So-Tidy Whale
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Yogurt the Ogre: The Big Tale of the Not-So-Tidy Whale

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Introducing Yogurt! Never accused of being shy, this lovable young ogre always seems to act first and think later. Yogurt’s desire to play and learn leads him into the most interesting places, but sometimes into trouble too! Lucky for him, his mom and dad are always there to help him find his way back home.

The positively pdoinkian adventures of Yogurt the Ogre, are timeless tales of self-reflection and friendship led by a re-imagined ogre. Ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 8 who are learning to read, right through to those ready to tackle a story on their own. This series is sure to delight, spark the imagination and generate lots of fun for the family.

In Yogurt the Ogre: The Big Tale of the Not-So-Tidy Whale, Yogurt, a curious and fun loving ogre, meets a new friend who helps him learn a valuable lesson about paying attention to those around us when we are having fun—what seems like fun for us may not be fun for others.

Because we are parents, we understand bedtime. The Big Tale of the Not-So-Tidy Whale is a terrific 7 o’clock story to share with your children. Read on, and you’ll find one of Yogurt’s favourite tales at the end of each book. These fun poems are designed to enhance the reading experience for your children and, in a pinch, they make a great 8 o’clock story for those occasions where you don’t have as much time.



pdoink, (pronounced pe-d-oingk)  is a publishing company that works collaboratively to design series for your enjoyment. Driven by optimism, fun, playfulness and exploration, our writers, editors, illustrators and designers come together to create these wonderful stories for families to grow and learn together.A pdoink is an insight that gives you energy to act – it is like that “eureka” or “aha” that provides the spark that ignites action. Our stories are designed to call out these pdoink’s in a playful and positively charged way to help children learn to care about people, the world around them and themselves!Marrying whimsical art and playful design with great stories, our first series, Yogurt the Ogre, are books about our curious and fun-loving ogre, Yogurt. All pdoink stories are tested with families to ensure quality and fun for all participants in the reading experience.The pdoink family includes:Agnes Garbowska (our whimsical illustrator) Lawrence Hourihan (co-founder and creator of Yogurt’s Bedtime Stories), Jessica Lowe (our playful writer-in-residence), David Rendimonti (co-founder and creator of Yogurt the Ogre), Shawna Sheldon (publisher, editor-in-chief, and awesome mom), Gillian Sych (graphic design and layout), Paul Sych (creative director and world renowned typographer) and you (our readers!)  pdoink is a community and like all good neighbours we invite you to join us and share in our adventures.

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