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Lumiere Press Review of "The Ballad of Soames Bantry"

  Saul Leiter, whose late-life, full-on "rediscovery" was one of the pleasures of our new millennium, died in 2013 at 89 but is very much alive and well at the bookstore. Three new and recent collections of his work provide a fuller and more insightful portrait of the modest, charming, self-taught artist who said, "I was not prepared, I think, to live in the world, and so I did photography." The quote is from Saul Leiter: The ballad of Soams Bantry (Howard Greenberg/Lumiere Press), Michael Torosian's handsomely produced tribute and memoir. Cobbled together from reminiscences, interviews, conversations, and reviews, with...

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Black Star Shines Anew

Charles Moore/Ryerson Image Centre/Black Star "The Arrest of Dr. Martin Luther King." Montgomery, Ala., 1958.  Before Henry Luce could publish his first picture-packed issue of Life magazine, he first had to figure out how to get enough photographs. In the mid-1930s, most people thought there were simply not enough America photographers to supply the more than 200 images needed for each issue of the magazine. But, as Michael Torosian recounts, the Black Star photo agency had the capacity to do so. With a worldwide network of photojournalists, the fledgling agency struct a deal with Life that ensured its success and...

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